This is Timothy, my fanciest looking literature and art publication. Featuring mostly San Diego artists, I made it from August-September 2018 and released it at San Diego Zine Fest in late September. You can read it below either online or in PDF format, or you can also contact me and order a physical copy!


Poetry: Sam Beeker, Will Brown, Penelope Moskowitz

Visual Art: Griffen Dempsey, Amy Truong, Paige Talerico, Mario Torres, Christian Barroso, Mindy Kral, Aidan Hendrickson

Fiction: Ethan Cutler

Essay: Luisa Mandel

Edited by: Catherine Sinow (me) and Christian Barroso (loyal assistant)

Layout: Catherine Sinow (me) (laying out a magazine is sooooooo hard)

I hope to upload more of my many zines soon.