We Don’t Know Anything About Anything / The true story of my intimidating professor and the bizarre individuals populating his classroom in Spring 2013. (Summerset Review)



The Boy Who Would Be Fox / Fourteen-year-old Emily’s only friend, Carly Ziegler, often disappears whenever she starts dating some stupid guy. This time around, the boy has an unusual fondness for wolves and foxes. (Menacing Hedge)

Dear Clayton / A woman dying of cancer writes an angry letter to someone who romantically rejected her in 8th grade. (FRiGG)

Callum Knows How To Parallel Park / A surreal date in an ambiguous location. (Sweet Tree Review)

Kiwi Pemberton’s Last Day of Sunlight / A bored teenager enjoys ruthlessly “pranking” his neighbors (read: stealing and destroying their property), often manipulating his younger sister to join. (Ginger Collect)

Confessions of a Former Student of UC Berkeley, the Top Public University in the World / A narcissistic CD collector goes on a study abroad trip to Chile and becomes trapped in a mine. (Maudlin House)

A Bookstore / A woman writes a desperate emotional outpouring to a cashier she hasn’t seen in five years. (Sea Foam)

The Quentin Pizza / A man who works at a restaurant that serves hexagon-shaped pizzas vies for the attention of an installation artist obsessed with her ex-boyfriend Quentin. (Thrice Fiction)

It Was Cold / This story is 46 words long and needs no description. (Cheat River Review)

Night Maid / A dark philosophical fantasy about a genie wish that goes terribly wrong. (Asymmetry)

The Invisible Fire / Something is wrong in a three-story house. (Reservoir)

The Day My Life Changed Forever / A satire of people who traveled to see the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017. (Cipher)

The Barbie Jeep / A high school student has a master plan for their younger neighbor's Barbie Jeep. (Leopardskin and Limes)


bad poetry

6 39 42 Eatme, Space of Space, and Translating Reese / Scroll to the bottom. Some bad/maybe good poetry I wrote when I was 16 during Silent Reading Time in Ms. Duncan’s English class. (Menacing Hedge “Scary Bush” section)


Journalism for Cipher

Written for the Colorado College student magazine, Cipher.


"I literally go here" / The time a car chased me down at 1 AM.

The Brotherhood of Luigi and Bad CGI Rats / Four friends from Buffalo, NY watch horrible movies for fun and make music about the Minions.

Today Will Be a Better Day / An analysis of a messed-up computer game where you eat your own pet shrimp and then commit suicide.

Possibly Robots / An interview with Akito van Troyer, an audio art wizard from MIT Media Lab.


Cipher letter from the editor, Desert issue

Soul Food / In this tale, I explore the restaurant Rasta Pasta for the spiritual awakening it truly is.

Hello Kimberly, Goodbye Kimberly / Paper trails of dead identity thieves.

Coming Soon to a Black Market Near You / A journey through kratom, a little-known herb, and the time it almost became Schedule I.


Don't You Bite My Butt! / An interview with a local animal communicator.


'The Hope We Seek' / A venture capitalist named Rich Shapero wrote a book and hired people to pass it out on college campuses. The book was really bad. I read the whole thing and reviewed it.