We Don’t Know Anything About Anything / The true story of my intimidating professor and the bizarre individuals populating his classroom in Spring 2013. (Summerset Review)


Dear Clayton / A woman dying of cancer writes an angry letter to someone who romantically rejected her in 8th grade. (FRiGG)

Callum Knows How To Parallel Park / A surreal date in an ambiguous location. (Sweet Tree Review)

Kiwi Pemberton’s Last Day of Sunlight / A bored teenager enjoys ruthlessly “pranking” his neighbors (read: stealing and destroying their property), often manipulating his younger sister to join. (Ginger Collect)

Confessions of a Former Student of UC Berkeley, the Top Public University in the World / A narcissistic CD collector goes on a study abroad trip to Chile and becomes trapped in a mine. (Maudlin House)

A Bookstore / A woman writes a desperate emotional outpouring to a cashier she hasn’t seen in five years. (Sea Foam)

The Quentin Pizza / A man who works at a restaurant that serves hexagon-shaped pizzas vies for the attention of an installation artist obsessed with her ex-boyfriend Quentin. (Thrice Fiction)

It Was Cold / This story is 46 words long and needs no description. (Cheat River Review)

Night Maid / A dark philosophical fantasy about a genie wish that goes terribly wrong. (Asymmetry)

The Invisible Fire / Something is wrong in a three-story house. (Reservoir)

The Day My Life Changed Forever / A satire of people who traveled to see the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017. (Cipher)

The Barbie Jeep / A high school student has a master plan for their younger neighbor's Barbie Jeep. (Leopardskin and Limes)


Journalism for Cipher

Written for the Colorado College student magazine, Cipher.


"I literally go here" / The time a car chased me down at 1 AM.

The Brotherhood of Luigi and Bad CGI Rats / Four friends from Buffalo, NY watch horrible movies for fun and make music about the Minions.

Today Will Be a Better Day / An analysis of a messed-up computer game where you eat your own pet shrimp and then commit suicide.

Possibly Robots / An interview with Akito van Troyer, an audio art wizard from MIT Media Lab.


Cipher letter from the editor, Desert issue

Soul Food / In this tale, I explore the restaurant Rasta Pasta for the spiritual awakening it truly is.

Hello Kimberly, Goodbye Kimberly / Paper trails of dead identity thieves.

Coming Soon to a Black Market Near You / A journey through kratom, a little-known herb, and the time it almost became Schedule I.


Don't You Bite My Butt! / An interview with a local animal communicator.


'The Hope We Seek' / A venture capitalist named Rich Shapero wrote a book and hired people to pass it out on college campuses. The book was really bad. I read the whole thing and reviewed it.