I have been printing small books (or "zines," as some call them) since December 2014. My flagship publication is Is That So? a DIY literary magazine that has featured over 30 different contributors across 9 issues. That series is currently on hold as I sort of put it in a box with other college memories, but I am currently having dreams of issue 10.

I'm not exactly sure the name of my press yet, but "Golden Stapler" is definitely in the running. I plan to put up all 13 or so of my books at some point (except for the super secret ones).

Is That So?  #9 (December 2017)

Impressions of a Cruel Sky (April 2018)

Is That So? #4 (April 2015) Shortlisted for the Broken Pencil Zine Award!

Is That So? #2 (January 2015)