1/4/19 Put up a new art project titled “Jamul Camel Destinations”

12/30/18 Put up new home page “author photo,” a literary zine “Timothy,” and images of a new project involving a picture of cake in a dumpster on a cake

11/20/18 Added new photos. Also at some point I added a new story, “Callum Knows How to Parallel Park”

10/14/18 Made a new homepage and added a new story, “Kiwi Pemberton’s Last Day of Sunlight”

9/15/18 Added a new essay, “We Don’t Know Anything About Anything”

9/14/18 Made some minor tweaks such as the site color, story descriptions, and amount of photos in the photo section. I took out some of the photos I don’t like as much anymore. Less is more, right?

5/16/18 Added a new story, "Confessions of a Former Student of UC Berkeley, the Top Public University in the World"

5/1/19 Added a new story, "The Quentin Pizza"

4/2/18 Added a new story, "It Was Cold"

3/26/18 Added new photos and links to two new stories, "The Invisible Fire" and "Night Maid"

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