Requiem for Helen Marcus (calligraphy on postcard)

Beach in Tunisia (acrylic on cheap canvas board)


A collaboration with Griffen Dempsey. This fictional travel company idea evolved from a question: “What if you could travel to the abandoned Jamul Cement Factory on stolen camels?” Soon after came a similar idea based on the 1995 tank rampage. We made this purposefully bad poster. Whether it’s funny to anyone else but us is unknown.

Gate to Rustic Village Where People Live off the Land in Fantasy Novel (leather collage)


A collaboration with Griffen Dempsey for one of his school projects. We took a photograph of a discarded cake and put a wafer print of it on top of a cake as a commentary on food waste. Classmates then ate the cake. I didn’t get to try it, but apparently it tasted like ink.

Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer (collage, watercolor pencil, handwritten text, and typewritten text on brass plate)


Zoo on Another Planet (oil on canvas)

Go Ahead (oil on canvas)